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About Me

Hi There!

I am so glad you stumbled my way! While you are here let me tell you a little about myself. My cat Lulu is my child, yes you can judge. I get shameful chocolate cravings that may or may not drive me out of bed and take me to the grocery store to get ice cream.... any moose tracks lovers out there? And most importantly anything good that comes from me is from my faith. When I am not busy hanging out with Lulu and eating ice cream I love being creative. I fell head over heels in love with photography last year, taught myself to shoot, and haven't looked back since.

Passion is what drives me in photography and real people and real moments evoke that passion. I yearn to connect with people I work with on a personal level. If you take away anything from my rambling let it be this: make sure you connect with the person who will be documenting your day.

My goal is to make everyone I work with as comfortable as possible. The less of me you see the better! I want the photo to be derived from real, true emotion. So emitting myself as much as possible helps keep the genuine spirit of you and the moment front and center. The more you can simply enjoy your surroundings, free of worry about the fact that your photo is being taken, the better the imagery will be. If you have interest in working together I would love to hear from you. Go to my Let's Chat page and tell me about yourself! I look forward to it!


Tawney Dagment Holmes

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