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Q: Why should I considering you over other photographers?

First and foremost what is most important to me is that you find the style you gravitate to, pulls emotion out of you, and tells your story. Of course, I hope that that is me, however the best way to find if I am the right fit is by exploring your other options! If you haven't shopped around I strongly encourage it. It will show you what style you like and want for your day. Of course I would love to get to know you and see if we are a perfect fit. If I do have the honor of being your photographer I will care for capturing your day with the up most respect and care. I love to help keep the environment lighthearted and fun but don't get me wrong I am serious about capturing the beautiful moments that my clients create!

Q: What is your shooting style and what do you specialize in?

I shoot as candidly as possible. I crave the organic moments because that is what it's all about right? I am there to document your day and help you tell your story so the less I tamper with the moment, and simply shoot, the better! For posed photos I get much more specific to help get results efficiently, cohesively, and creatively. You can check out my work under the galleries page for a better idea of my style. I specialize in weddings. They are such a life milestone and so many beautiful and hilarious things happen at weddings. I also do engagement, family, graduation, and maternity portraiture work among request.

Q: What is your background/experience in photography?

I am a self taught photographer which basically involved months worth of reading, watching tutorials, and most importantly practicing. I recently reached my one year anniversary of shooting professionally. Last year I shot 25 weddings and am set to at least double that number this year. Why would you consider someone so new to photography? If I was in your shoes I would definitely understand if there was reservation for using a newbie. However I promise you I put my whole heart into every wedding I do. I strive to learn and grow daily in this field by researching new techniques and inspiration. I want to continually push myself so that I can put out the best work I possibly can for each client. 

Q: What can I expect when I contact you?

I try to respond as quickly as possible to all inquiries/questions, within 24 hours. Drop me a line and tell me a little about yourself! Whether you have no clue where to start with photography or know exactly what you want send me any questions I can answer! It can be the very basics such as pricing or as specific as "I am a dog person and I see you are a cat person, do you think we could still get along?" That initial inquiry is also where we can go into further detail about your day specifically. Every couple and wedding is different so we can get more in depth than this Q&A. Additionally I will send you any applicable documents such as pricing sheets, contracts, etc. Hit the "Let's Chat" page to connect with me!

Q: Throughout the process how available will you be?

I am available thank you for asking. So if you know of a nice man who loves cats and look like Ryan Gosling send him my way. Oh and also from our first initial chat to years down the road if you have a photography question I am always available to you. Weddings are so hectic and detail oriented so I love to help in any way I can to make the photography aspect of your day smooth and as surprise free as possible! Hit the Let's Chat page to start up those questions and/or send boyfriend references.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?

This is a boring question for most people... However I think it is good for you to be aware of a few things. The top of the line equipment does NOT guarantee you good work but it is important to an extent for the technical quality of your images. I use professional grade Canon products and will always be prepared with everything I need to shoot your wedding. I carry enough extra batteries, SD cards, etc. to hand them out as favors to your guests*. Another important detail is that I always carry two cameras on me. Why is that important to you? Because if for whatever reason my camera stops working I have another one as back up! If you would like more detail on exactly what I use hit the Let's Chat page and I can elaborate. 

*I would love to hand out my equipment as party favors to your guests but in the off chance you did not catch my humor I will not actually be supplying said party favors. 

Q: What are your pricing & fees?

I use to always think it was annoying that photographers did not post their pricing outright. Well here we are and I am not posting my pricing outright. In full transparency I found for myself I would not want a dollar amount to stop you from inquiring. I am weirdly in love with budgeting so I can definitely understand any budgeting needs for my fellow frugal friends. For that reason I do not offer packages I simply do a per hour fee so that whether you can have me for 10 hours  or 4 I can still be an option. Contact me via the "Let's Chat" page and I will send you my pricing sheet break down. 

Q: How do you break down your fees?

As stated in my "What are your pricing & fees?" point I do not offer package deals. I strictly do per hour shooting. I find packages to be confusing and it is hard to break down if they are actually saving you money verses a la carte options. For that reason I broke down my rate by what I find to be fair for the quality of work I am currently at. My per hour fee includes my time shooting, consulting, the images, editing of images, and copyrights. Contact me via the "Let's Chat" page and I would be more than happy to send you my pricing break down sheet and help you figure out what kind of coverage you need for your day.

Q: Who do you donate to on behalf of Dagment Photography?

I donate 10% of all Dagment Photography revenue to an organization called Freedom 424. Freedom 424 works together with other organizations to help fight human trafficking. For more info on this organization check out their website: 


I find it a privilege and an honor to shoot weddings, even more so because I know the little bit I can do to connect myself with fighting human trafficking makes me even more passionate. All donations are made on behalf of my clients post shoot and receive a notification email of the donation. 

Q: Why should I consider a first look in regards to photography?

Maybe you already want to do a first look. Or maybe you want to stick with the beautifully traditional custom of waiting until you are walking down the isle for that first look at your loved one. I would never want to push against your agenda for your day but if you are open to the option of a first look before the ceremony I would gently suggest going for it! Outside of photography a lot of couples that decide to do a first look make that choice so they simply get to take in more of their day with each other. Within photography it really opens up more time for photos without keeping your guests waiting and you from celebrating! I would love to help you figure out if a first look is for you! You can contact me via the "Let's Chat" page. 

Q: What is a second shooter and do I need one?

I remember the first time I heard the concept of having a second shooter at a wedding. I thought it was the silliest thing! Why would you need two photographers? That is so excessive! Well folks now I am a believer and it's not because I can up charge you, I promise you that. My job outside of being creative is first and foremost getting the photos you need. First kiss, first look, ect. Then after the basics are covered I go in for the candid and other special moments. For example first look down the isle I want to capture the bride and the grooms reactions. A second shooter is insurance to get all photos you want therefore allowing for more of the candid unplanned moments.  So the same first look down the isle could now include the couples reactions along with Mom's teary eyed look and also a picture of the bride's back out of focus showing all the guests first reactions to her walking down the isle. Some weddings do not lend themselves to needing a second shooter. After all, every couple is different! So if you wish to inquire hit the Let's Chat page and I will speak very honestly with you and explain in further detail if it seems necessary for your wedding day. 

Q: What can I expect during our shoot time?

You can expect full disclosure. For posed photos some things I ask you to do will look great but not necessarily feel natural. I will explain as I shoot and show you photos along the way so you understand why and what I am asking for. Of course on the other end of the spectrum when I am shooting candid moments I will try to be as discreet as possible, not taking away from the moment. So do not be alarmed if I pose you and your family for a photo and then continue shooting when I say we got the shot. I promise I am not being creepy, just capturing the relaxed moments after everyone is less aware of a camera. 

Q: Do you retouch your images or outsource?

I personally retouch every image I shoot. I take great care into retouching the images and making sure they look their best. After our session you can expect a sample photos for 2 reasons.

1. I want you to have a photo to hold onto a celebrate until all of your other photos are ready.

2. It is your preview image to confirm/critique if you like how I am editing your images or if you have any call outs! 

Q: How many images can I expect?

I do not have a set amount of images I send out. I can completely see why this could scare some people. Does that mean I will only get 60 images for a 10 hour wedding day? Absolutely not! In fact I fair on the side of sending more images than other photographers. I may love a  curated amount of photo but it's your day and I want you to have your options. I shoot with your wedding album in mind which means I will give you vertical and horizontal options along with cropped in photos and full body. You will have any and every important moment documented. Every wedding is different and I want you to have all of your special moments and that varies from wedding to wedding. 

Q: When can I expect to receive my photos after the shoot?

I see receiving professional photos comparable to online shopping. For example if I order a dress I really want I will be so antsy knowing I do not get to have it right away. I may even stalk its tracking status for a while. But oh blessed day when you finally receive it! It almost makes the purchase better. I get to relive the excitement of knowing I made that purchase. Getting your wedding photos is similar but better because, well it's more important than ordering a dress. 

You will probably antsy to see your photos right after your wedding. Trust me a healthy does of waiting is worth it because that means I am taking the utmost care in making sure the photos look there best. With that said I find it discouraging when I hear of clients who do not receive their photos until months later. So here is my timeline for having your photos back to you:

Weddings: 1 Month

Portrait Sessions: 3 Weeks 

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